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Capricorn Solar Eclipse


Hello Moonbabies!

Welcome to Sunday, our day of the week that is reserved for our souls to shine as brightly as the SUN. On Sundays we honor our divinity within and express ourselves creatively. A day just for you and your loves (romantic, children, projects.) Today is an extra special Sunday because it is the first full day of Father Sun journeying through the Cardinal Earth energies of Capricorn, beginning our season of Winter, and bringing our Solstice celebration. We’re home from our Sagittarius adventure, and we’re ready to settle in. Father Time is here to remind us, once again, that all good things come to an end, especially if they were neglected while you were away. Good things always take time to secure - there’s a line that must be walked and gratification that must be delayed, but in the end, through all the pain and strife, there it is - your very own slice of heaven. 

It’s a bit of a funny path we’re currently spiraling along - the North Node (our dharma) is in Cancer while we have a heavy cluster of planets, including the South Node (our karma,) in Capricorn. Cancer is our home, our safe environment, our connection to our bodily needs, while Capricorn is our external appearances, our career, and our connection to our ego needs. We’ve been learning about our HOME - WORK balances since January 5, 2019, when we had our first Capricorn Solar Eclipse, now here we are, almost a year later, but feeling older and wiser than we ever have before, and gearing up for last 4 eclipses of the Cancer - Capricorn Nodes - the next one being on December 26th at 12:17 AM EST.

Growth is painful, and I imagine the growth between the Cancer - Capricorn polarities is the most uncomfortable - it’s the journey from the womb to the outside world - the space between these two energies is full of humbling experiences. Imagine the passageway - when a baby leaves the womb of their mother, they are screaming, they are messy, they are naked, their cord is cut and all of a sudden responsibilities are placed upon them - schedules for sleeping and feeding are enforced and for a time their entire identity is based upon how well they adhere to these regulations...parents will describe them as a “fussy eater” or a “good sleeper.” It’s an awful lot to deal with as a baby - imagine the confusion and disorientation a baby must feel, now apply that metaphor to your current life - where do you keep experiencing a severance? Where are you being asked to grow up faster than you’d really like? Where are you kicking and screaming?

The Capricorn Solar Eclipse beginning late Christmas night, and exact on the 26th at 4 degrees of Capricorn, will bring supercharged magic to your roots - your foundation - by way of relationships with equal level partners, knowing your worth, communicating boundaries, and remaining committed and responsible on your vision towards self-sufficiency and sustainability. Your daily routine may feel a bit up-in-the-air - you may have confusion in your workplace and be prone to drifting, but you’re working it out - you’re finding your balance within your identity. Your habits and routines are requiring an overhaul - I highly recommend cleaning out your spaces and putting an end to clutter - there is SO MUCH we hold onto that we do not need. I’m not a stranger to this, I’m Venusian, so my comforts are important, and I hold memories within clothing and possessions. For the past year, I’ve been cleaning out my home and trying to get back to basics. I think I’ve cleared out my closet a dozen times in the past year - I’m really not the best at letting go. It’s an odd feeling to say goodbye to items that I had once considered really important - there is certainly humor in all of it, and I try my best to laugh at my younger self - I mean, who was she trying to be?! Did she really need a scarf in every color and a leather biker jacket?! If you have a close friend or roommate who wouldn’t mind assisting you and perhaps laughing along with you, it may help in your transition, and maybe you can later assist them with their clean-out. We’re all needing a clean slate within our environments.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: relationships are important and the biggest lesson of 2020 will be how you show up in relationship with others. The Sabian Symbol that the Sun and Moon will be upon is Capricorn 4: “A Group of People Entering a Canoe for a Journey by Water,” and the wisdom of this degree is cooperation and coordination in group efforts. There may be a fated aspect within the group dynamics, so if you’re feeling misaligned in your relationships, now is the time to make some changes and open yourself up to the unknown connections awaiting you. I hope you know it is OK to let go of relationships. Relationships are meant to show you who you really are - by being in relation with another you’re continually being confronted with what you like and what you don’t like. Relationships always result in significant growth - try to imagine your life without all of the connections you’ve made in your life - where would you be? Nowhere! Honestly, you’d be all alone in an empty world. So, connect, engage, communicate, so you can grow and expand into the best version of you. And be brave enough to walk away from the relationships that have lost their transformative powers - it is medicine for you and for them. 

I hope my writings have brought you some comfort and clarity. Thank you for reading the workings of my mind.

Blessed Solstice...Happy Hanukkah...Merry Christmas!

Sending love from my multidimensional being to yours. 

Be Well

Jilly xo