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Last Quarter Moon in Virgo


Hello Moonbabies!

Happy Wednesday - our day brought to us by the messenger planet, Mercury. 

By now you’re feeling the pressure of this Saturn - Pluto conjunction in Capricorn that will be exact on January 12, 2020 - boundaries are being laid everywhere...as they need to be. This period is strongly karmic. The harder you’re feeling the weight of the world, the greater the reward, as long as you act in integrity. Keep going. Keep showing up. Face your fears. Mother Moon (emotion) is moving through analytical Virgo, and she is making harmonious aspects to Saturn and Pluto - helping us stand in our structural transformations. I just got a holiday-themed vision of this energy - Santa checking his list twice and finding out who’s been naughty or nice. He doesn’t hold back from checking off that “naughty” box - he is decisive and firm, leaving emotion out of it. The last quarter moon, before the Eclipse in Capricorn on 12/26, will be exact at 11:58 PM EST tonight. This is the final cut of our outdated ideas and associations that have been blocking our expansion. There has been a lot of communication in the past week that has illuminated our pains, so use the next few days while we have this yang/active energy to make a change - evolve to a higher vibration of yourself by releasing the ideas and ideals you hold onto. This work is essential coming into 2020, the year of the Emperor (an Aries ruled archetype,) and coincidentally, the year that we have A LOT of Aries energy to deal with - Mars will be spending 6 months in the Cardinal Fire sign, and we will still have Chiron transiting Aries (where he will be for the next several years,) and not only that, the Great Conjunction of Dec. 2020 of Jupiter and Saturn, heralds in a shift in royalty - almost feels like 2020 is going to be one big fight for ourselves - though, this will certainly trickle into relationships, as the polarity point of Aries is Libra, so be sure you’re aligned with the RIGHT people. If things are feeling bad now in relationships, then you have some work to do. That is OK. Do the work to improve the harmony and balance in relationships or decide to walk away, the choice is yours; and really, either option is valid, you’re on the journey of self-discovery. There isn’t a wrong path to take, the Universe will provide the lessons, the people, and the experiences you need to find your Higher Self. 

We have big cosmic shifts this week - Venus, our planet that enhances our harmony to ourselves and our relationships with others, will be entering Aquarius on Friday. Venus in Aquarius is harmony experienced through community values, New Age ideas, imagining the future, and anything that focuses on our connections. Aquarius is the Fixed Air sign of the Zodiac, so it is determined and stubborn in the mental & intellectual realms. Venus in Aquarius isn’t as warm and tender as the planet of love would prefer, and having been raised by a mother with Venus in Aquarius, I can attest to just how detached this energy can feel, but also, brilliant. This would be a good time to start thinking of future financial or relationship prospects, start combing through the ideas and seeing what brings you the most pleasure and balance. Maybe change up - revolutionize - your aesthetics and self-care. We really are limitless beings, dare to experiment. 

On Saturday, Mother Moon moves into Scorpio at 7:57 AM EST, and Father Sun moves into Capricorn at 11:19 PM EST. This Capricorn season will be challenging - just keep rolling with the hard knocks. Take accountability. Be the boss. Rise up to your station. Get lost in the mundane, find beauty in the little details of life, definitely write gratitude lists - be grateful for this sensual experience on this Earthly realm, and if you’re feeling too sensitive to the pressure, opt for enhancing your connection to the astral realms. Be mindful of toxic substances and behaviors - Capricorn energy can be like a deep well, it always feels like it has everything it needs and that it is in control of its impulses, but in my experience of partying with Capricorns, the energy very often over indulges in substances or toxic behaviors when it is not feeling it’s best, hoping to mask the pain that hasn’t been acknowledged. So, get a good night’s sleep, stretch your body, meditate, journal, and focus on finding your grounding this season. 

That’s all I have for you today. I’ve been pretty overloaded over here lately, so I apologize for not having the energy reserves for more videos - I will be evolving my regular connection to IGTV, so stay tuned, I have some organizing to do!

Sending love from my multidimensional being to yours! 

Be Well


Jilly xo