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Moon in Aries

Hello Moonchild!

Thank you for your support. I am eternally grateful for our paths crossing, and I hope my work can warm your heart today.


Mother Moon has made her way into Aries, the Warrior, the Entrepreneur, the Youth. Our emotions are wanting to express themselves boldly - Aries energy wants to begin. During a Disseminating Moon, this may express itself as beginning a new study or focus, especially as Jupiter in Sagittarius is making an effortless energy exchange with Mother Moon. Is there something you're looking to explore? Is it time to begin to make the moves necessary to get there? What will you be scorching with your Aries flames to get there? Just remember that not everyone has the same heart as you - what you feel ready to explore may not be what your peers are ready for, and thats OK. We all go through seasons, it is part of nature, so try your best to express your newfound understandings and insights with a bit of grace + patience, but not in a way that shrinks yourself, if we've learned anything from this past Full Moon in Aquarius it's that we deserve to be heard + seen.

The planet that rules Aries energy, Mars, has moved into Virgo. The Warrior Planet meets the Maiden - the Maiden who pushes you to do better.
We’re about to enter Virgo season (starting on Saturday,) and this is the time when we begin to pull back, to focus on the details, to prepare for harvest and school.
Virgo is the Mutable Earth sign of the Zodiac - it’s energy is creative, as it is highly adaptable, but it’s creative in material matters. One of my favorite idioms, that I actually picked up from a Virgo Sun native who was my co-captain on our college cross country team - “Whatever Works.” And if I could assign a phrase to all Virgos - that would be it. Virgos like to make things work - the energy is the cosmic repair(wo)man - it wants to fix, it wants to make better. It is highly committed on projects - if you ever need assistance you call on your Virgos. And while Virgos aim to make better in the most efficient + tangible way possible, the energy can become unbalanced when it is overly concerned with the physical/material health, disregarding the mental/spiritual health - lucky for Virgo, it’s sister sign is Pisces, the mental health guru - the sister that says, “relax, put down your toolbox and come meditate and free your mind.” Every Virgo needs a Pisces friend, and every Pisces needs a Virgo - it’s how you tangibly create harmonious balance within your psyche. 
In my natal chart, I have my Moon in Virgo and I feel fortunate that i also have my Mercury in Pisces (exact opposition no less) - my Emotions want to Work + Improve, but my Thoughts never really leave the Cosmos...I was blessed with a certain internal balance in this polarity - perhaps why I always intuitively understood the Mind - Body connection. I may have this polarity naturally figured out, but I’m still working on others (hello Gemini - Sagittarius polarity)- we’re all a work in progress. 
Mars in Virgo will surely get you to work - time to clear away all the excess - clean your room/closet, form new habits (perhaps meditation?) exfoliate, eat healthier, write to-do lists, research + analyze new ways of living/being. Do the work now so you’ll feel mentally lighter later. 

Mother Moon will enter Taurus, the Beautician, at 12:36 am EDT on Wednesday, and our Last Quarter Moon will arrive Friday morning at 10:56 am EDT as the Moon is moving into Gemini, the Wordsmith. 

Thank you for reading along with me this week. My Star Study Sunday group has been going so well - thank you if you've been able to attend! Every Sunday night has been pure bliss to my entire being and you're helping me Master my Chiron in Gemini by allowing me to teach you. If you're in the Norway, Maine area, please feel free to join us! My apprentice, Alexis, of Two Roses Healing, has been joining me so there's an extra hand to help me dispense the infinite knowledge of the cosmos. We will begin meeting from 11 am - 1 pm EDT at House Lorax Art Collective (290 Main St., Norway) this upcoming Sunday - and the cost is by donation - whatever you can afford to offer us for our work is perfect for us. We're here to guide + help you ease yourself into aligning with the cosmos. 

Sending all my love + blessings to you this week.

Be Well.


Jilly xo