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Moon in Aries


Good Morning Moonbabies!

It’s Jilly Moon with a Cosmic Report for you this Friday, our day of the week governed by Venus, the planetary energy that enhances our relationships, our finances, and harmony. 

Mother Moon is in Warrior Baby Aries - the first sign of the Zodiac - representing our energies and abilities to assert ourselves and pursue our goals and needs. Aries is the initial spark of a cycle - the energy within us that is ready to begin. Wherever you have Aries in your chart is where you have a lot of beginnings - a lot of sparks of excitement. Though, to use your Aries energy in a conscious and efficient manner, you need to know when to stop igniting, and when to start committing. Aries is really good at starting things, not so great at the follow through...that’s where the magic of Taurus energy comes in. 

For the next several years, until 2027, each time the Moon enters Aries, so once a month, we have the opportunity to heal our identities. 

Chiron, the centaur planet that connects the orbits of Saturn + Uranus, and also, the planet that may be the modern ruler of Virgo - is in Aries until 2027. 

Chiron in our charts points to our unhealed wounds, originating in our childhoods, and our method to overcome and transcend the pain to reach a new awareness that leads us to our soul’s buried treasure. See, we all are exceptional beings, we all have gifts that make us stand-out, and we’re all the heroes of our own story - but somewhere along the way, we’ve forgotten this about ourselves. 

Years and decades of Saturnian conditioning has made us rigid, and thick skinned - and only focusing on the external appearance of things. We’ve been led to believe that everything we need is found outside of ourselves - that we need lots of money and the right doctors to heal...to be better. And while money and doctors do help our conditions in many ways, they are not the cure all. At some point we need to look within and acknowledge our pain and see how we may be unconsciously contributing to it. 

Chiron teaches us that each of us has a heroic journey we undertake in this lifetime - we all struggle with facing our greatest fears...and it is that challenge that we must step up to and put in the effort to overcome in order to reach enlightenment of the human spirit. 

While Chiron is in Aries, our heroic journey is to challenge our issues with self-assertion.

At some point in the past someone shamed you or punished you for being YOU. And that pain has stayed with you for years, or decades, and has prevented you from achieving what you want in this lifetime. We all have a different story here, and to find out more about what identity matters you may be in the process of healing, look to your Aries house(s.)

For me, personally, my story is around Astrology and my Intelligence. I was born when Chiron was in Gemini, the sign that governs our thought processes and communications, so one symptom of this configuration is self-doubt, and a serious belief that my mind was broken. I struggled with learning the basics - I have no trouble with abstract information, but for some reason it was always the beginning that jammed me up. To this day, I will look up the definition or spelling of words I know just because I don’t trust my mind. And I struggle with defining what I’m feeling inside - often leaving conversations as if my point wasn’t made or heard. 

This internal struggle spilled out everywhere - I have always had a skill in Astrology and Geometry - my pattern recognition abilities have always been well above average, though time and time again throughout my life my intelligence was doubted - first by my family, as Gemini energy holds our close relatives, such as siblings and parents, then by my friends growing up, and with every romantic relationship I ever entered. To fit in, and as a trauma response, I suppressed my astrological knowledge. I consciously stopped talking about it. I stopped asking people for their birth information. I ignored all of the thoughts in my head that were constantly weaving connections. It was tough. But I thought I was crazy. I even convinced myself a few times that astrology wasn’t real. 

If I had a stronger foundation of self, I imagine I would have been able to handle the criticism that was constantly thrown my way as I attempted to study something I truly love. But that was then, and this is NOW, and NOW I have been practicing and teaching others the music of Astrology and witnessing others seeing what I see - and since I have started working on my Chiron issues, I feel wiser, more confident, and I no longer fear harsh criticism. 

Aries rules half of my 6th and half of my 7th Houses - Health + Relationships. I have always considered Astrology to be soul medicine - I have witnessed through myself and others how knowledge of self and soul leads to great, positive change in our physical body and in our relationships. And that is one story of what I will be healing and working on as Chiron transits Aries. 

That’s all I wanted to talk about today - this evening I’ll be vending at Arcana Healing Arts in the Old Port for Portland’s First Friday Art Walk from 5-8 pm - I hope to see you there!

Have a magical day + Be Well