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Moon in Capricorn

Hello Moonbabes!
Blessed Moonday - our day of the week to tune into our emotions and intuition. People born on Mondays are characteristically intuitive and receptive.
Today, as I write this, is Monday, April 13th, 2020, a 4 x 4 x 4 day, one of the three this month. The number 4 in numerology corresponds to stability and dependability - connected with the 4th House of the Zodiac, the 4th sign, Cancer, Cardinal Water, as well as the 4th Key of the Tarot, The Emperor. When we observe repeating numbers in dates, it is a signal that the energy is echoing, and the day is uniquely attuned to those energies. So, this month of April is loudly echoing the energies of 4 - it is important to find your stability, foundation, security, and strength this month - or at least make steps towards these goals. The Strength card of the Tarot has been frequently falling out of my deck this month, just as a reminder to tame the beast, the desires, and find the divinity within. This month has been throwing every obstacle in our way, forcing us to awaken to the New World - the Age of Aquarius. Evolution is necessary to life - the only constant is change - so if you are struggling right now, in light of all the restrictions to our opportunities and expansions, listen to your inner voice - what is it telling you to do? What changes need to be made? How can you step up and meet these challenges and roadblocks? Will it force you out of your comfort zone? GOOD. Discomfort is the key ingredient to growth. If you’re too comfortable, you’ll never have a reason to do more than the minimum.
Some people are naturally good at evolution and adaptation...I know, I’m one of them. In fact, I’m trying to tone it down a notch, I’m trying to find a bit of comfort, finally, after my 34 years in this material realm. To be honest, I am so grateful to every single challenge I ever faced. I grew up in a household where money was always tight; I recall asking my mom for money to go to the movies with my friends, and instead of getting the money, I was instructed to find a job. I was 12 years old. But I was determined. I wanted to spend time with my friends, and I didn’t want to be left out. The FOMO was strong back in Middle School, and I do not miss those emotions at all. So, I went out of my comfort zone - I was kinda shy, I definitely was not the type to be going around asking if anyone was hiring. Instead, I created signs advertising my services as a babysitter and I placed them up around my neighborhood. I immediately got my first babysitting gig, $5/hour, for 4 hours a week. $20 was enough money for me at the time...of course, times have changed quite a bit in society and in my life that I could never take a job like that again, but it got the ball rolling. And maybe I was uniquely equipped to be a babysitter, I have a Cancer Midheaven, so my soul wants to nurture and feed all the babies. This is all beside the point, which is - if you want something, you have to go out and get it. Sometimes you may be lucky and have someone guiding or providing obstacles to push you, but sometimes you don’t...you have to do it all yourself.
And that is the medicine of this time period - with Chiron in Aries the next 7 years, we no longer have anything to fall back upon, and your healing is about finding your identity and pushing yourself forward. Aries, the Baby Warrior of the Zodiac, that ushers in the beginning of a new cycle, is solely focused on themselves and what they can conquer on their own. Though, the sister sign to Aries is Libra, and Libra knows the importance of relationships. We must find a balance between ME + WE for our greatest healing potential during this period. Let’s say you have a strong identity and sense of self - your work is to lift up the spirits of others by being a role model of health + healing. Your job is to heal others by being your authentic self. But what do we do when we’re out of touch with our identity and body? Lift yourself up. There are many people around the world who have lost their identities because they have given that power to someone or something else. Most of the time it is incredibly difficult to be yourself because of the possibility that the shaky tower you’ve built your life upon may collapse - you may struggle with guilt, with fear, and with the great unknown. But what if you just tried? Free fall. Jump without a parachute. Discover what you are capable of. Discover true strength and self-love. When you put your needs first - when you fill up your cup before you fill up the cup of another, we all win. Because there isn’t any room for enabling or codependent behavior when you put yourself first - and we’re all going to be learning this lesson multiple times over and over again until Chiron enters Taurus in April 2027, so go ahead, be headstrong and domineering, while being mindful of your relationships. This isn’t a time for burning bridges, but for trailblazing.

Thank you for reading and for being here. You matter. Your soul has a purpose. Awaken yourself to your own power.

Sending love from my multidimensional being to yours…
Be Well
Jilly xo