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Moon in Gemini

Hello Moonbabies,

Thank you for your love and support. I hope my work can warm your heart today. 

Mother Moon is in Mutable Air, Gemini, today, enhancing our mental processes and communications. While the Moon is in Gemini, we need to be mindful of our internal restlessness. If your mind is moving too fast, then you’re accident prone, so find a way to slow down the gears; find a good book or listen to a podcast; anything educational and informative is ideal for this period. Try your best to refrain from poking into the lives and opinions of others...it may be hard to do, but if you find yourself slipping into meaningless chatter, make a conscious effort to shift the conversation towards the broader view. 

Messenger planet, Mercury, entered the Mutable Water sign, Pisces, this morning. We’ve gone from a dominantly fixed energy vibe (Moon in Taurus and Mercury in Aquarius) over the weekend to the relaxed adaptability of mutable energy (Moon in Gemini and Mercury in Pisces) the beginning of this week. The image in my head is of the transition from completing the outside edges of a jigsaw puzzle to the work of filling it in with the rest of the pieces. Fixed Energy (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) sets the stage for Mutable Energy (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces,) to come in and tend to the details. You can expect this energy until Wednesday afternoon, when Mother Moon makes her ingress into Cancer, the Cardinal Water sign of the Zodiac, and her home placement. 

On Tuesday, be mindful of communications. As Mother Moon squares off with Neptune in Pisces, there is the danger of being swept up in a “too good to be true” scenario. Or your judgement may be off a bit - there may be illusions and deception that you need to work through. This is probably a good time to mention that we’re in the pre-shadow phase of Mercury Retrograde, so it is best to hold off on any big decisions or changes. Sit with it for awhile before you make a move. Mull it over in your head. Journal. Seek advice from a trusted source. Mercury Retrograde begins on February 16th, ends on March 9th, with the post-shadow period ending on March 28th. That means for the entire months of February and March you need to be extra clear in your communications. Mercury in Pisces is my natal position, and I have it to thank for my writing and limitless imagination, though, what you don’t see is my process - I’ve gotten a lot better in recent years, as I’ve been working to evolve this aspect of myself, but I still struggle with mental boundaries. I have a tendency to get swept up in all the pretty words or shiny objects or daydreams, and then when I return to reality, I find myself lost - what was I even doing?! How did I get here?!? For this reason, I am diligent about lists, post-it notes, planners, timers, anything that can help me stay on an invisible track of productivity. But, on the other hand, Mercury in Pisces can help you fully immerse into an experience - turn the music up as you work and imagine yourself painting your reality, you’re a divine creator. 

Wednesday’s energy is “all over the place,” (that was a direct quote from my handwritten notes, my mind had a mini explosion when trying to synthesize the energy.) We have Mother Moon in Gemini opposing action planet Mars in zealous Sagittarius, then her transition into the nurturing well of Cancer. Before her transition, Mercury in Pisces will be making a harmonious connection to our sustainable rebellion, Uranus in Taurus. I’m sensing we’ll be feeling strongly towards something early in the morning, that may be the catalyst in a mental breakthrough - something new and inventive is bubbling below the surface, and it will make itself known on Wednesday. When Mother Moon makes her way into Cancer, your emotional waters will be pulled towards home, family, and understanding - the chariot will have you taking a hard look at your identity traumas - can you make this new idea happen? Can you break the pattern of falling into codependency or victimhood? Can you step into your Emperor’s shoes and make a name for yourself...just for yourself??? I feel like there will be a lot of compassion on Wednesday, so let it out, and be the change. 

On Thursday, you may feel challenged in your growth, don’t let it get the best of you. By the nighttime, you’ll be coasting in some mystical waters as Mother Moon makes a harmonious connection to Neptune in Pisces - romance may be dialed up, as well as the desire to escape...lean more towards the romance and gushy-love. I like to sing silly songs to my cats...just a recommendation. Friday is another exciting day of growth for us - we have another energy shift! Venus leaves Pisces and enters Cardinal Fire, Aries, providing us with the values and relationships fit for a King. We’re going to be feeling a bit more selfish and ardent - relationships may feel more exciting, or they may take a harsh tone if they aren’t too stable to begin with - Aries is ruled by Mars, afterall, and Venus in Aries is in her detriment, meaning, she isn’t that great at reaching her objectives when she’s pushing ahead and domineering others. Venus in Aries is another one of my natal placements, and I have it directly on my Descendent, the cusp between the 6th and 7th houses, where we open up to the “other.” So, I ardently approach others, and I can be pretty good at grabbing their attention - actually, Venus in Aries is very instinctual, so most of the time I’m just operating from a very primal position, and the attention I’m given is the afterglow of my pursuit. I don’t mean to step on anyone’s toes or jab my elbow in their faces (that seems to happen a lot…,) I’m just reaching for the new experience and embodiment of my sudden infatuation. Do I need to learn how to take it down a notch in relationships? Yeah, probably. But will I? Probably not. And now I’m hearing Ben Harper sing, “if you don’t like my fire, then don’t come around, ‘cause I’m gonna burn one down.” The song is about smoking cannabis, but the chorus could very well be a description of Aries energy. 

While Venus is in Aries, focus on yourself and what you want for yourself - then go get it. 

By Friday evening, Mother Moon makes her ingress into proud Leo, the Fixed Fire sign. She’ll be making a harmonious connection to Chiron in Aries, providing us with the dignified energy to smooth over our wounds and show the world who we really are, which we will be needing because right afterwards the Leo Moon squares off with Uranus in Taurus and there’s a challenge to be faced in our ability to sustainably improvise, but with all this Fire energy, you’ll push through it and find a way, I just know you will. 

Saturday is relatively quiet, the day before the Full Moon in Leo, though, we have an internal shift as our asteroid that describes our ways of relating, Juno, Retrogrades in Libra. This period will last until May 27th, and it will be going all the way back to November 18, 2019. - we’ll be reassessing intimate relationships - we’ll be figuring out what our intimacy and relating needs actually are. Juno will return back to this placement on August 23rd; watch the balance in your relationships - is there a fair give and take? How can you re-calibrate the scales? 

Sunday begins with our Full Moon in Leo at 2:33 AM EST. A Full Moon is a culmination point - where we have reached our vision or aims from the Aquarius New Moon, and now it is time to let go of whatever didn’t come to fruition. This Full Moon falls on 20° Leo in the 8th house (transformation, shared resources, power dynamics,) and the Sun at 20° Aquarius in the 2nd house (personal resources, self-worth, values) - the Moon (our emotions) and the Sun (our consciousness) are exactly opposing one another during a Full Moon, and when we see opposition, we also observe confrontation - there is a push and pull between two bodies. A Leo Full Moon activates the Leo-Aquarius polarity within us. Leo asks us to step onto the stage of life, to perform and create. All of our creative work (including our children) is ruled by Leo - what house of your chart does Leo rule? This is where your creative juices get flowing. Aquarius asks us to step aside and view our Universe as an art piece, and by doing so, we become inspired to be a part of it and to give back to the community. Where in your chart is ruled by Aquarius? This is where you give back after you succeed in your Leo house. A Leo Full Moon is asking you - are you dimming your light for a cause that doesn’t recognize your special talents? Are you putting in more than is sustainable to your health and body? Where do you need to step out and declare your individuality? The Moon and Sun are creating a T-square with asteroid Vesta in Taurus, the planetary body that shows us where we focus and commit our energies in service to something greater than ourselves. Vesta breaks up the tension between the Sun and the Moon, she is providing a way out, and in this case, the release happens in the workplace, in your health, or in your routine - somethings gotta give. A T-square in fixed signs can be challenging because we’re talking about stubborn energy - energy that is resistant to a change of course. But you gotta do it, focus on your commitment to yourself and your health. If that means leaving a job to pursue an independent career, then do it - but get that routine in check! Set goals and hold yourself accountable to them. I see an awful lot of energy that wants to breakaway and do their own thing - the Libra Midheaven is directly opposing Venus, who is conjunct Chiron, and they’re both in Aries. How will you be transcending this pain to your identity and independent resources? Expand yourself as an authority figure and glamourize your sales pitch. Everything you need is right inside of you. There could be some danger in illusions of grandeur, and aggressive reactions to perceived pain, so take it slow and before you do anything impulsive, get some advice from a trusted source. 

Mother Moon enters Virgo, the Hermit, at 6:38 PM EST on Sunday, and I will be welcoming my Lunar Return (yes, that’s right, I have 3 returns this week!) Emotions will become discerning and analytical - a great time to focus on those 6th House responsibilities. Write out a routine and find the beauty in the mundane - when was the last time you cleaned out your car? Mopped your floor? Put away your clothes? (I only ask because I love you.)

I hope this information provides you comfort during this week - and I know it was extra long, but it’s my Mercury Return in my natal 6th House (service,) plus my Mars Return in my natal 3rd House (writing,) and transiting Neptune (“out there” vibes) in Pisces is conjunct my natal Mercury, so my creative mind is at full force, especially for interpreting the cosmos! 

Also, I will be having a flash sale this week in my stories on Instagram - I will begin listing items Tuesday evening - everything from face cream to caramels! I hope you could support me in that way - studying the energies and writing about them is one of my favorite things to do, but it’s my unpaid gig. Or, if you’d like to make a small donation, you can ‘buy me a coffee’ via the link below. Your contribution to my work helps to keep this going, and I hope I can continue to do this every week (trying my best to make that happen.) 

Thank you for reading my guidance this week. 

Sending love from my multidimensional being to yours.

Be Well


Jilly xo


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