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Moon in Pisces


Hello Moonbabies!

Welcome to Tuesday - the day of our week ruled by Mars energy. 

Mother Moon has ingressed into Mystical Pisces - her last stop on her creative journey. Pisces energy is rest and recovery - it’s a time for letting go of control and dissolving egos - a time to float embraced in cosmic love - trusting the Universe has your back. 

Though,  we’re in the Crescent Phase of the Sagittarius New Moon Cycle, a time for action and creating new habits that will lead to our freedom. So, this Pisces Moon is active - we’re lessening our loads and seeking creative solutions. 

Venus in Capricorn is conjunct the South Node of the Moon, which also makes her opposing the North Node of the Moon - the Nodes of the Moon are opposing points in the Heavens - they are the North + South intersection points of the Moon’s orbit around the Sun. The Nodes of the Moon change every 18 months, and each change ushers in a new polarity shift within the collective. Currently, the Moon’s North Node is in Cancer, and the South Node is in Capricorn. The North Node is representative of our collective dharma - our governing principle or duty that we instinctively follow. The South Node is representative of our collective karma - our fate based off of our past actions or behaviors. So, collectively, since last year, we’ve been following a path led by Cardinal Water, Cancer energy - gaining control of our emotional natures, being compassionate with ourselves and others, and caring for our home, family, and roots. We’ve been releasing our attachments to Cardinal Earth, Capricorn energy - impossibly high standards, structured and restrictive growth, idealizing authority figures, and status symbols. 

As Venus meets the South Node and opposes the North Node of the Moon, she is gracing us with the abilities to soften, but commit to our release - she may be examining resources and making good investments, she knows that money is a necessary resource and winter is coming - so, if she wants to have a bit of leisure and luxury this winter, she needs to budget, and she needs to delegate. 

So, today is all about letting go - maybe you’re tired of keeping up with an image, maybe you want to be more creative and free in your expressions, maybe your focusing on what is REAL - like, for example, I’m always trying to adhere to some sort of social media presence or structure, but yesterday I was thinking, “what I offer to the world is real - what I create is real - why am I worrying so much about these arbitrary guidelines? The energy I attract accepts me for who I am. They know I’m here - there - and everywhere.” so I released the desire to be more than I can energetically handle and allowed my shoulders to rest. 

I hope you have a magical day - be safe out on the roads today if you’re in the North East! Take it easy, stay home, go sledding, be well xoxo