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Moon in Pisces

Hello Moonbabes!

Happy Moonday - our day ruled by Mother Moon - the luminary that rules our emotional tides. Today she is coasting in the collective waters of Pisces and donning her rose-colored glasses. She is in this ethereal realm with Venus and Neptune, who are making an exact conjunction at the moment of this writing. Venus is one of our personal planets, the ruler of Taurus and Libra energies, and she is concerned with our beauty, our love, our wallet, our relationships. Neptune is a generational planet with a very long transit, the ruler of Pisces energy, and he is concerned with our connection to source, our higher love, our sacrifices, and our dreamworld. Neptune is considered to be the “higher octave” of Venus - love that is boundless; completely free and formless. Neptune also has a reputation for being escapist, and when it is stationed beside Venus, the planet known for its hedonistic qualities, the resulting energy is impractical and not entirely based in reality, but it sure does feel good. Expect to feel weightless and hazy between now and early Wednesday morning when Mother Moon moves into Aries, and our emotions become assertive and powerful. 

All of this Pisces energy will be squaring Mars in Sagittarius, and the initial word that came to my mind was “scattered.” Mars wants action, and in Sagittarius the action is towards the pursuit of the truth, but when we’re in the haze of Pisces, amplified by Neptune, the truth is “out there.” You may feel like you’re running directly into a dense fog of uncertainty. Allow yourself to float freely in this experience. Don’t panic that you cannot see the end to this, the fog will eventually lift and reality will set in, so whatever you do, try to remain present. If your head is spinning, close your eyes and focus on your breath. 

Early Wednesday morning, we leave the density of Pisces, and our emotions become assertive and determined when Mother Moon transits to Aries. Strategy will pick up Wednesday afternoon, and any residual confusion from Monday and Tuesday should be cleared. You’ll need to rein it in a bit on Thursday when the Aries Moon squares Jupiter (our expansion) in Capricorn (the Boss) and things get a bit too hot and excessive, but you’ll bounce back from any damper when Mars is activated in the evening. 

On Friday, we have an energy shift - Ceres, “the Great Mother” asteroid found between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, enters Aquarius. Ceres, the goddess of agriculture, was worshipped by the Greeks for her dedication for tirelessly providing nourishment to the Earth. Her placement in the heavens describes our nurturing abilities and preferences, as well as our capacity for self-love and self-acceptance. While she was in Capricorn, she was nurturing our careers, achievements, and dishing out lessons of “tough love.” As she enters Aquarius, our sustenance is found in freedom and embracing our individuality. Ceres has a rep for being an “all or nothing” kind of goddess - she is the reason we have winter...when Hades captured her daughter, Persephone, and brought her to the Underworld, Ceres was so distraught that she froze the entire Earth and everything died. She eventually worked out a deal with Hades, allowing him to have Persephone for half the year if she could have her for the other half...and this is how the Greeks explained our seasons. While in Aquarius, you may feel an extreme approach to maintaining your freedom and the freedom of others. Rebellion will be on the rise during this period, but also, innovative and New Age healing. 

We’ll have some challenges with this Aries Moon, as she conjuncts Chiron and squares Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, but every challenge is an opportunity for growth, so be mindful on Friday of how far you’ve come! Facing our identity traumas has not been easy - stepping proudly into your unique and bold shoes is necessary - we need more heroes! (Please listen to Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out for a Hero” to get you pumped up.) 

Friday evening Mother Moon transitions into grounded and stable Taurus, giving us a weekend to leisurely attend to our Aquarius New Moon visions - the First Quarter hits us Saturday night, presenting us with an obstacle to our visions - maybe it feels easier to stay put and in your comfort zone, but you’ll be feeling the push to connect and engage with others, and it will be worth it (as long as your choosing the right company.) Transformation will be effortless this weekend, you’re ready to embrace the strange changes coming. 

Thank you for tuning into my guidance - your love and support mean the world to me, and I hope my work has warmed your heart this week. 

Please contact me if you have any questions, would like to book a private reading, or order a written report. 

Sending love from my multidimensional being to yours!

Be Well


Jilly xo

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