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Moon in Pisces

Hello Moonbabes, 

Mother Moon has entered the Mystic waters of Pisces, our Mutable Water sign of the Zodiac, the last stop before we begin a fresh new journey around the cosmic clock. While we are in the purifying waters of Pisces, we do our best when we let go of perfectionism or criticisms and just be. Pisces represents the ONENESS we’re all a part of - the place of zero boundaries, where we all just float around without any clear objectives or specific paths to take... and this is why Pisces is the spiritual healer of the Zodiac - the energy diffuses to fill every opening, every crack in our being, and reminds us that we are all ONE...that whatever we feel is missing or imperfect in our lives can be found in our connection to source and one another. Pisces is the sign of Unconditional Love and Understanding. It will wash away any uncertainties or doubts and replace them with acceptance and surrender. The path of Pisces may be more of a free float, but this is where the challenge lies - can we give up the map? Can we let go of control? Can we just float? This is powerful medicine for our current moment in time - many are finding difficulty with coasting right now - feeling safe with so much uncertainty is tough, so we must reconnect with Source - with our Spirituality - our Oneness. Remind ourselves that we are always being cradled and led by unknown forces, and that they work to bring us to closer to Source - so whatever challenge you may be facing along your path, the best thing you can do is to accept the challenge and rise to the occasion, the Universe always has your back, even if it doesn’t always seem like it. What lesson can we learn right now? 

Saturn is making his debut into Aquarius tonight - we’ve been dealing with the hard knocks of Saturn in Capricorn since December 20th, 2017 - he’s been forcing us to step into our leadership roles, to grow up and be the adults in our personal universe. We’ve needed to cut ties with toxic patterns and raise the standards of our lives. We’ve all truly “bossed up” since then. We needed to come to terms with discipline and regulations (and knocking out the regulations that were outdated and no longer useful,) so we could step into these next few years of Saturn in Aquarius with a strong sense of who we are and what we have to offer to the collective. The Collective will be a keyword to keep in mind while we’re building in Aquarius - we’re shifting from focusing on ourselves and our egoic needs to focusing on the Collective and what is best for the greater good. So, there may be some adjustments coming up - Saturn in Capricorn can exclude, while Saturn in Aquarius is all about inclusion. So, if you were putting up walls and preventing others from penetrating your fortress, get ready to start building a bridge and welcoming other perspectives and the needs of others. This will also be a time period where our connections will be strengthened - relationships of all kinds while Saturn in Aquarius will be fortified, or they will be dissolved. Expect the unexpected - as Aquarius’ planetary ruler is Uranus - it’s time to accept the WEIRD and the OUT THERE. The internet will surely be a place of magic and authority during these years. If you’ve got an internet presence, expect it to be enhanced, and if you’re thinking of transitioning to be more connected in this way, this is a great time to do it. Everyone will be connected, everyone will be focusing on their connections, and everyone will be seeking progress and the New Age. Don’t shy away from this great shift happening! It’s all a part of our evolutionary journey. 

The Aries New Moon is on March 24th at 5:28 AM EDT - it happens to fall on my birthday this year! The Sun, the Moon and Chiron will all be conjunct during this New Moon, and squaring the Moon’s Nodes, so you can expect a New Beginning that will come with hands-on work in our identities. We’re changing in some new way, and there will be challenges to face along our path, but as long as we put in the work, and I mean it - time to get our hands dirty - we will come out better than ever. We’ll all be feeling a strong connection to the “Wounded Healer” archetype. Chiron in Aries teaches us that we all have a unique divine design and we all have a right to a positive manifestation of our ego. And those leaders that we may be following or trying to emulate are mirroring our true worth - they are here to help you discover and love yourself, as well as help you stand up for yourself. We all need to learn how to stand on our two feet so we can be of value to our society and help in the shift of consciousness from ME to WE. 

Sending love from my multidimensional being to yours! 

Be Well 


Jilly xo