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Moon in Sagittarius


Hello Moonbabes! 

Welcome to Aquarius Season!!! 

Father Sun, our consciousness and vitality, has moved into the Fixed Air sign, Aquarius, symbolized by the water-bearer - the eternal provider of innovation and spiritual wisdom - the future-oriented energy within our souls. The Maverick. Aquarian energy is Fixed, so it needs projects and causes to focus its energy upon.  In theory, the energy is open to new ideas and change, but in practice, it can be awfully stubborn and overly idealistic. Though, it does a great job at bringing like-minded people together to work towards a common goal. This is the time for us to all bring our attention towards the groups we belong to - social, friendships, political, any team or community ideology - and find how we fit in - How have we established ourselves within them? What makes us different or unique? Where can we contribute? It is during Aquarius season that you have an opportunity to align yourselves with the life you’ve been dreaming of by engaging with your ideal community. Perhaps you’ll be making new friends and joining new groups - in the very least, you’ll be socializing a lot more! As the Sun’s light increases, our souls are preparing for Spring - it may still be winter, but time moves a bit faster in Aquarius season, and plans for the Vernal Equinox are being quickly laid. This is the perfect time to start planning out your community garden or group trips. 

Mother Moon is currently in Mutable Fire, Sagittarius, the Archer, and she is providing us with the emotional strength to set our sights high - to boldly connect with others - and as we do, we’re healing ourselves. We’ve been holding ourselves back from these connections, perhaps thinking we weren’t good enough, but today, we’re feeling ready to explore our differences and be the change. Tuesday through Thursday, Mother Moon makes her way into Capricorn, right before the New Moon in Aquarius on Friday. Whenever Mother is in Capricorn, she is reserved, practical, traditional, but also, domineering and authoritarian. She’ll be pushing us to make some difficult changes - but rest assured, the difficulty is all in perspective. Cardinal Earth Capricorn struggles with coming down off it’s mountain of success, so make sure you’re communicating with your Ego, and being grounded. There may be something you really need to shift between now and Friday, and luckily, we’re being given quite a bit of magic as Mother makes harmonious aspects to Neptune (ideals) and Venus (harmony) in Pisces (Spiritual Healer) - reach for that higher love being offered to you!  Spread peace and understanding while also maintaining your boundaries. Don’t fear the growth, it is good for you - it will help you open your heart just a bit wider. 

The New Moon on Friday at 4:42 pm EST will bring us into a fresh cycle of emotional awareness - one that will be keeping us busy! Something about your public identity will be renovated and you’ll be pulled down into a committed routine. Our values and ideals will be undergoing a transformation - perhaps acknowledging our interconnectedness and exploring ways to collaborate and work more closely together. Sharing resources and wisdom with our neighbors and friends is highlighted - but be sure you’re giving freely, no strings attached or ulterior motives. And give what you can - don’t martyr yourself. You cannot pour from any empty cup! Venus in Pisces is the Star of this New Moon - and she will be found in the 8th House of Transformation. She’ll be providing new concepts in your finances, relationships, and your connection to the spiritual world. You may even feel like you’re taking a step back and seeing something from the past in a whole new perspective. This is the beauty of life - it is circular - we are meant to take pieces from the past and use the wisdom to build our future. There may be a bit of friction in relationships as you attempt to re-create your routine - make sure you are being honest, listening, taking accountability, and commit to your responsibilities + transformation - This re-calibration will help you feel more secure and balanced in your relationships.

Thank you for reading my guidance this week!

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Sending love from my multidimensional being to yours!

Be Well


Jilly xo