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Moon in Virgo

Hello Moonbabes, 

It’s currently 11:34 AM EST on January 13, 2020, almost 24 hours past the moment of the exact conjunction of Saturn + Pluto in the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn, intensifying our need for a structural transformation to satisfy both our emotional and material security needs. 

Saturn, lovingly referred to as “Lord of Karma,” is our taskmaster - he gives us responsibilities to help us grow, and when we step up to (or brush aside) the work, we receive karma...every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Pluto also has an alternative title, “Lord of the Underworld.” The 9th planet in our solar system is nearly always in the dark beyond Neptune - he helps us hide parts of us that we find undesirable or shameful, and it may take a crisis before what he hides is brought to the surface for judgement.

This conjunction has been boiling below the surface for some time now - creating major upheaval in the lives of most humans inhabiting Earth. It has manifested as sudden shifts in power, environmental destruction, injuries/illnesses, major endings, and exposed secrets, (to name a few.) The effects of this transit are expected to last for another 2 years. Big changes are happening all around you - you probably can think of more than one crisis in your life or in a friend’s life or facing the entirety of human life on Earth - these are serious times...we’re facing serious consequences. 

Saturn is our authority figure, he is the voice in the back of your head telling you to work harder and to be better - that voice can have damaging effects, but it can also help us reach heights we never thought possible. When Saturn meets with Pluto, he is asking you to take accountability for everything you’ve been hiding...everything you thought you could get away with...here he is, holding a flashlight in your trunk, uncovering your secrets and asking if you have proper documentation for everything inside - if you don’t, then he’s going to sit you down and make you do the work and pay for your irresponsibility. If you do, then he’s going to flash you a smile and tell you “good work.” Maybe you’ll get a pat on the back or some sort of recognition, perhaps assisting you in achieving a higher status. 

Pluto, like Saturn, is a difficult archetype to love - Pluto is a complex mixture of “goth” and “emo.” On one hand, Pluto is really good at expressing its pain and individuality, but on the other hand, Pluto can take it a bit too far, unnecessarily brooding and refusing to step out into the light. The image of a police officer (Saturn) pulling over me and my high school friends in the early 2000s as we were blasting Taking Back Sunday, wearing heavy eyeliner, and trying to hit up a party with a keg is a perfect representation of these energies colliding. Truth be told, I had my license suspended when I was in high school for getting caught driving my friends before my underage license matured...I was an easy target because my vehicle at the time was a beat-up 1988 Dodge Aries with barely any brakes. I didn’t even drink alcohol in high school, but I offered to be a designated driver because I didn’t trust my peers to drive safely (can you hear my South Node in Scorpio conjunct my Pluto right there?) So, I dealt with the consequences...6 months suspended license and facing the disappointment from my parents was incredibly difficult, but I did it, I survived, and I’ve been a model driver ever since - thanks, Saturn. 

My point is, Saturn and Pluto provide lessons, and they aren’t easy lessons, they require a degree of humility and vulnerability. They show you where you still haven’t taken full responsibility and they expect you to take accountability. Was it my fault that I was pulled over as a teenager? Absolutely. I knew Officer LeBlanc recognized my car, I knew I wasn’t supposed to be driving anyone besides my family members. I cannot blame my 1988 Dodge Aries or my irresponsible peers. I made the choice, and I owned the consequences. 

So, dear reader, during this difficult time, make sure you’re owning your choices - they are what make us human. No one is spared the humility - I’m sure even Officer LeBlanc was an irresponsible teenager at one point too, perhaps that’s why he was always on our case. Passing the torch isn’t a celebratory event - it's the result of overcoming immense pain without losing heart or faith. So, if you’ve undergone a painful upheaval in your life and you’re still showing up and trying your best, give yourself some extra love - your work will not go unnoticed, in fact, it is healing the world. Be kind to yourself and others. 

Sending Love from my Multidimensional Being to Yours…

Be Well


Jilly xo