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About Jilly + Virgo Moon

To align is to be closer to divine.

Envisioned in 2014 by proprietress, Jilly Moon Andromeda, Virgo Moon is a holistic health company that utilizes the physical Earth’s ancient + trusted biologic methods, as well as the expansive Universe’s cosmic wisdom to properly align your mind + body for your greatest evolutionary potential in this lifetime.  

Jordy’s was formed in 2015 as the response to the opioid epidemic across the globe. An artisanal candy company, drawing flavors + inspiration from Maine and infused with CBD. Jordy’s candies are created to provide an alternative + safe substance to those who are suffering - mentally, physically, spiritually - and to deepen one’s connection with their inner child. Made with all-natural ingredients that are fresh + local whenever possible.


Message from Jilly...

I envisioned and began this quest into offering holistic health care in 2014 when I first moved to Maine. I consider astrology to be one of the most beneficial forms of holistic health care, and my primary focus is astrological alignment - from medical to evolutionary. By studying the innate gravity that an individual was brought into this world with, I can give you educated + detailed information for balancing the forces within you. It all starts with awareness. Once an individual is aware of the gravity they are working with in this lifetime, they can begin to heal themselves by making the necessary external changes. More often than not, I find environment and what an individual is doing within their environment to be the number one cause for misalignment, and thus, pain.

I offer Gravity Readings to my clients, where I use a mixture of divination tools (Golden Dawn, Celestial Tarot decks, Numerology, and the Sabian Symbols) along with charting + interpreting the native's natal + current gravitational forces. In my world, we're all magnets. We're drawn to places, habits, and people due to our gravitational pull towards them. Sometimes these are blessings, as in they are beneficial + healthy for you, though, sometimes they are burdens, as in they leave you energetically drained + making poor health choices. Sometimes it can be hard to tell! This is why astrology is so useful for any human who is seeking purpose + answers to their existence - it lifts veils and awakens us to living a life of health, beauty, + abundance. 

My path to this life and my calling was a rollercoaster - I have always held this power within me, but I spent most of my life ignoring it or wishing it away. I have always been deeply scientific and spiritual all at the same time and this has always been confusing to myself and espeically to outsiders. In the American society, we are taught that Science is one thing and Spirituality is another thing, and also, that they never mix. Though, I kept experiencing them to be one. I graduated from Framingham State College in 2010 with a degree in Biology, specifically Bio Medical Science + Technology with a minor in Geography - but after spending about 5 years working in pharmaceutical settings, I experienced + witnessed how doctors were continually disregarding the mental + spiritual connections to pain + chronic illness. This disconnection left me depressed + completely unsure of myself for years, as I had always dreamt of becoming either medical doctor or a pharmacist. Though, I kept, since the age of 7, accumulating data on the astrological gravities of those closest to me, and it wasn't until I began this business in 2014 that I really started to see the connection between my cosmic knowledge and my medical knowledge. I am so grateful for cannabis medicine - it has allowed myself and those I treat to reach a state of consciousness that welcomes the interconnectedness between all. In my experience, Cannabis is the gateway to gratitude + love, which is why I offer it to all of my clients who are experiencing "acute" transitions. 

Please book a Gravity Reading with me or email me at virgomooncare@gmail.com to learn more about my offerings or if you have any questions. 


Who is Jordy?

Jordy's is named after my cousin, Jordan, a Gemini Sun, Taurus Moon, Scorpio Rising native. Jordan left this earthly realm on March 4, 2015 after a fatal opiate overdose. Ten days before he departed, he awakened me to the potential Cannabis has for harm reduction. Jordan wasn't normally a Cannabis consumer, though he discovered edibles helped to control his cravings for opiates, and he shared this experience with me. He struggled with opiate dependency for over 5 years before he passed. One of the last conversations we had was about seeking sobriety + starting a family. Though my cousin, he always felt more like a brother - a single child + without a father in the picture, his extended family was important to him, and he was important to us. My dream is to help as many humans as possible discover the power of cannabis - your support of Jordy's helps me to provide free + discounted candy as well as plant + energy medicine to those who are struggling in our material realm. 


Be Well. Best, Jilly xo