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Guidance Services

2020 Astrological Offerings

all readings and reports come with your own copies of the charts and the 12 Houses of the Zodiac Wheel to help you further explore your energy. readings can be done in person, over the phone, or by Zoom video conference. 

If we meet in person or over the phone, please feel free to record the audio of your session. If we meet via Zoom video conference, I will record the entire session and will send a file copy to you within 24 hours after our session.

I prefer to meet via Zoom video conference. I am highly psychic and I am still learning how to master my energetic exchange with others. When consulting via video, the screen behaves like a filter and my body is relieved of a layer of balancing...I do not feel forced to jump into your psyche! Though, if you would like to meet in person, I am absolutely open to it, as I do wish to exercise my senses.

book your gravity reading at www.calendly.com/virgomoon

I require 7 days in advance of your appointment to study and familiarize myself with your energy.

order a written report by emailing jilly at virgomooncare@gmail.com

Written reports take 4+ weeks for completion. Time is dependent on the type of report. The current prices are introductory as I continue to study and build my style and format. I am forever learning and gaining deeper insight, therefore by studying you, you help me, and these prices reflect that exchange.  

Gravity Readings
intuitive guidance using modern, evolutionary, medical, and herbal astrology teachings. a dissection of your birth chart (your soul's blueprint) and your soul's evolutionary growth. guidance is based off of studying your current transits, secondary progressions, solar chart, and profections. 
30 min $44
60 min $77
90 min $111
add your soul identity chart for $33
Written Reports
Soul's Evolution Report $44
a brief overview of your soul's evolutionary growth through lifetimes and how you can best align yourself to enhance your soul growth in this lifetime.
Soul Identity Chart w/ Current Transits $55
a chart designed by jilly to help you orient yourself to your soul's design - planetary placements, nodal positions, vertex location, part of fortune, life path, moon phase, yearly cycle. (see sample below)
Current Transit Report w/ Written Guidance $66
a study of the current gravitational forces affecting you, how to best harness the energies, and the work you are meant to be doing at this time.
Solar Return Report $77
a study on your solar return chart - each year the sun returns to the same exact location it was in at the time of your birth. a solar return chart is the chart of that exact moment and it gives us a overview of the energies you are projected to be facing in your next year ahead. an accurate geographical location of where you will be on your birthday is required.
Compatibility Report $104
a study on the composite chart and synastry between two individuals. how are you connected? where are you going? what do you need to know to help one another grow as individuals within your relationship?
AstroBiology Report $333+
a thorough look into the charts of you and your immediate family members (price is for 3 family members, additional cost of $77 for each additional family member.) how are you connected? what are the intergenerational imprints between you? what are you meant to learn from your relationship? (date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth are required for each family member. this is not exclusive to blood relatives - adopted souls are interconnected to their families as much as souls born to a family.)

example of the Soul Identity Chart: