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Hemp + Chamomile Flower Infusion 500 mg
Hemp + Chamomile Flower Infusion 500 mg

Hemp + Chamomile Flower Infusion 500 mg

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Hemp + Chamomile are ancient flowers revered for their physical and spiritual healing properties. 

The Egyptians associated Chamomile with their Sun God, RA, due to it's ability to heal numerous illnesses and disorders. 

Hemp + Chamomile flowers contain the flavonoid apigenin, known to reduce anxiety.

This infusion was created using my homegrown + harvested German Chamomile flowers, ground up and infused into hemp seed oil with locally grown full-spectrum hemp oil. 

Arriving in a glass, cobalt blue dropper bottle with a measured dropper. 


to improve one's Confidence & Vitality during acute transitions. 

Medicine for LEO/SUN energy deficiencies.

Notably beneficial combined with difficult CAPRICORN/SATURN transits.  

1 mL = 16 mg CBD

500 mg CBD total

Net Weight = 30 mL (1 fluid ounce)

uses: orally/topically; add to beverages, food, or take directly; may be used topically to moisturize, brighten, and heal skin. 

ingredients: organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil, non-GMO sunflower lecithin, organically grown full-spectrum hemp oil (source: Wild Mountain Cooperative, Greene, Maine,) homegrown chamomile flowers (Mechanic Falls, Maine.)  

*This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to prevent, cure, treat, or diagnose any disease.